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PEOPLE - At Team ELEIT, people are our most important asset. We seek experienced people who have the qualities to help us accomplish our mission and goals, and to provide our customers with a quality and cost-effective product.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - Providing our customers with quality and timely service is “Job One.” We are totally committed to providing our customers with optimal service at the least cost.

EXCELLENCE - Excellence is expected of all employees, from Corporate Management and throughout the workforce. Excellence is a way of life and can only be achieved through the personal commitment and dedication of every employee on the Team.

TEAMWORK - We believe that teamwork is essential to achieving our goals. We value employees who are motivated and committed to achieving the goals and objectives of both the company and the customer.

INTEGRITY - We operate our business with the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior. We ensure that all business is conducted in a professional and ethical manner.

INNOVATION - We promote innovation and encourage our employees to submit ideas that will lead to improvements in work processes, cost reduction, a safer and healthier working environment and greater customer satisfaction.