ELEIT Technology, Inc.
                           ELEIT OASIS Key Personnel
Ms. Billie Turmenne
O:  256-533-4773
F:  256-533-4373
Ms. Billie Turmenne is a retired member of the Senior Executive Service and has over 30 years’
experience in managing organizations of over 1,100 employees and directing projects involving both
national and unit level logistics, development of Army and joint service logistics policy related to supply,
maintenance, transportation, depot maintenance planning and work loading, contingency planning,
transportation, major item distribution, warehousing, and logistics support of major weapon systems. Ms.
Turmenne served as the Director of the Army Materiel Command Logistics Support Activity; Assistant for
Supply to the U.S. Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics; Deputy Program Manager for Stinger/Avenger;
and Program Manager/Logistics Officer for Stinger/Avenger and Patriot.
Mr. Michael L. Lindsey
Chief Operating Officer
O: 256-533-4773
F: 256-533-4775
Mr. Michael Lindsey’s experience includes over 39 years Active Duty Army and Army Reserve, Civil Service, and
contractor experience leading and managing military and contractor organizations ranging from small units to major 
organizations exceeding 1,100 employees. He successfully lead contractor organizations and has in-depth experience
in both small and large business contracts. 
Ms. Kathy Manning
Contracting Officer
O: 256-533-4773
F: 256-533-4775
Ms. Manning has over 25 years of results-oriented success in Government contracting and acquisition
management, of which several years were served in a supervisory capacity as a  Contracting Officer. She
served in professional management positions in highly competitive, diverse and dynamic organizations,
with documented success in general and technical  management. Ms. Manning has extensive experience
in sole-source and competitive acquisitions,  source selection evaluation boards, logistics operations
specializing in supply and maintenance,  program management, budget and financial management and
personnel administration.