Have you ever been convicted of or pled guilty to a crime other than a minor traffic offense (including while in Military Service)?     ________  Yes    _________  No A criminal record is not an automatic bar to consideration for employment.  However, a false statement regarding criminal record will result in disqualification. If the position for which you are considered requires a security clearance, do you know of any reason why you would not   be eligible to obtain one? ________Yes   ________No If “yes,” please explain:  ____________________________________________________________________________ CERTIFICATION I certify that the information contained in this application and accompanying resume, if any, is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.  I understand that knowingly making a false statement or omission in this application may be sufficient cause for rejection of this application or dismissal after employment. I hereby authorize ELEIT to investigate the information contained herein and release all references, previous employers, and schools from damages resulting from furnishing such information. I understand that this employment application and any other company documents are not contracts of employment, that my employment is at will, and that, if hired, I may voluntarily leave employment and may be terminated by ELEIT at any time for any reason.  If employed by ELEIT, I understand and agree that such employment is subject to all ELEIT policies and procedures.  I further understand that if the position for which I am hired requires access to classified information, and I am not able to obtain and maintain the required security clearance, I will not be allowed to work in that position.  My continued employment with ELEIT, in a position not requiring a security clearance, would then depend on the availability of such position for which ELEIT determines I am qualified. I understand and agree that if employed by the company, I am responsible for reporting any behavior that I believe may violate  the company’s policies on equal employment opportunity or harassment. ELEIT prohibits its employees from using illegal drugs, being intoxicated on the job and distributing, dispensing, possessing or  using controlled substances/intoxicants in the workplace.  I acknowledge that failure to abide by this policy may result in termination of employment.  
Signature  ____________________________________________________ Date   _______________________
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